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Steamposium 2015

We're currently putting together the show for Steamposium 2015, one of the largest, most amazing Steampunk events on the planet. Like our amazing show last year, be prepared for luminaries and sky pirates from across the steampunk world.

This Year's Guests

Read more on our guests page, and know that there is still more to come!

This Year's Show

We're still working through some of the exact programming, but it will be epic. We do know a few things... last year's burlesque show as a huge hit, and we'll definitely be bringing that back -- while adding in a lot more family-friendly programming.

We'll smooth out a few kinks from last year and add in some new things people haven't seen before.

The best way to stay in touch is on our Facebook and Twitter streams. We'll also be opening up a newsletter signup soon as well!

Get your passes today

Preregister today at a super-special price of $50. Preregistering helps us out by giving us some working capital for the next venture, but we'll be perfectly happy to take a higher rate when you find out how great next year's show will be. : )

We expect a sold-out show this year, so don't delay... get your passes while you can.

Three Steam Circus

This year, we're proud to announce the Three Steam Circus, a new show crafted especially for Steamposium. this family-friendly circus includes acrobats, jugglers, contortionists, Oh My!


To pull this show off, we need volunteers! It is only with the help of you, our amazing community, that we could ever hope to pull this off.

This Year's Look

Last year's attendees and people that have been following us have certainly noticed our new look this year.

Our creative director (who was responsible for the design and art from last year's show) wanted a very different feel for this year, moving into designs based on the 1924 Paris Olympics and the 1925 Expo, which we know today as Art Déco. This was a natural extension of the modified Art Nouveau style we used last year, and we thought it was good to journey here to really cue into the range of that which we know as Steampunk.

We'll have more write-up on the style soon, but for now, check out the video on the right below (in HD, for best results).

About Last Year's Show

If you hadn't heard, Steamposium 2014 was a smashing success.

We've literally received dozens of letters and hundreds of posts on our Facebook and Twitter about what a great time people had.

In fact, here's our favorite feedback thus far, from our special guest, Firefly's Sean Maher:

That being said, we know we can do better. And so, we're going to do Steamposium 2015.

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