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Aether Artist Alley

Attention all artists! We are now accepting applications for the Steamposium Aether Artist Alley 2017. We are able to accommodate many kinds of work, that includes large floor pieces , just let us know what you’re thinking.

Weekend of the 27th-29th October 2017

Exhibit table

Your own table for exhibiting your work. You’ll be provided with your own 6′ table ( and optional chair), where you can discuss about the work with patrons, do custom sketches, signings, etc. You’ll be responsible for accepting any payments. You’ll also need a City of Seattle permit.

This table is $200, and comes with a 3-day pass. You will need a city business license (see below), which you can get from us for $15 for all 3 days.

Wall Exhibit

Perfect for showcasing your fine art talents, we’ll provide you with 6′ of wall space (up to 8 feet in height). Like the Exhibit Table, this is your space… you’ll be responsible for accepting payments and any staffing.

This exhibit space is $150.00, and comes with a 3-day pass. You will need a city business license (see below), which you can get from us for $15 for all 3 days.

Art Show

Rather than man a booth, you want to strike out adventuring while others manage your works. Art Show – Shared hang space or Table space allows you to do this.

If you need more than 25 ft2 of space, we may need to come up with a custom plan, just write a not in the comment section on the form below.

Art Show  space is sold as with a 25% commission, and does not include passes. You won’t need a city business license for this type of exhibit.


Something more custom

Since art comes in all shapes and sizes, the plans above may just not work for you ( and we by no means want to discourage an artist with a full-scale working Airship ). Feel free to contact us below and discuss your needs.



City of Seattle License is required for this event as well ( since we’re in a government-owned facility, we’ve got to be extra careful). If you do not have a City of Seattle business License a temporary one may be purchased for $5.00 a day through Steamposium (that’s a special umbrella price because of the show), though you’re free to fill out that paperwork yourself (and pay a $45 fee instead). If you’re using your own, documentation of license will be required by 1st October 2017 or a forfeit of booth and all monies paid. No refund will be given.

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