Lumi : Cosplay and Prop Maker | SteamGirl Model | Social Media Manager

Lumi’s interests span many genres, from Steampunk to Post Apocalyptic, Gothic Victorian to Harajuku Pastel, and many things in-between, coupled with her passion for all forms of Cosplay. She sets her mind to becoming the character she has created, embodying the idea to the fullest.

Lumi has also been an active employee of SteamGirl since 2014; she first began with modeling, and is now also the social media manager with a passion for the company and all of the models involved.

Lumi has been cosplaying since 2005, and uses it as her platform to promote acceptance and body positivity, also often using it as a tool to promote healthy living and helping others find ways to better themselves through the motivation that is becoming a character and working towards fitness goals.

Social Media tags: @lumidoom

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Cosplay and Prop Maker
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SteamGirl Model
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Social Media Manager
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