Mad Science Fair


Mad Science Fair! – A Maker Competition

Steamposium is around the corner and as luck would have it, it falls on Halloween weekend! Keeping in the spirit of the creepy, spooky, and scary, Mad Science Fair! – A Maker Competition will be geared (see what I did there) towards a Halloween theme. It could be a tool to fight off the ghouls and ghosts, it could be a monstrous creation in of itself, it could be a robotic minion of an insane engineer. What it is, is up to you!

The build will be more of a show and tell. Since the venue just remolded, Steamposium does not want to be liable for any paint stains, hot glue damages and so on. Build at home, and bring in for display and judging!


1. Must be an original work by the creator.
2. Must be made during the build time: Sept 15th – 27 October 2017
3. Must be safe for display (no open flames and so on).
4. Must fit in the 6×2 table space (need more contact us first)
5. Must provide your own supplies for display (e.g. extension cords, water, etc.)
6. Create a backstory along with a display for your piece to get into the spirit of the event.
7. Please do not submit a creation that has been exhibited before. Judges will be instructed to disqualify something they’ve seen before.

While many do not, I enjoy building creations with items and objects that were once other things. If you are of like mind, Steamposium will be having a meet-up on [Date/Time TBA] at [ITBD] where you can pick through objects for your creation. If you have items no longer needed at home and would like to donate, we encourage bringing them to the picking. You do not have to use the objects from the picking, but I’ve found it helps with creativity.

Please contact the Host –