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Showroom of Steam

Weekend of the 27th-29th October 2017

We are now accepting applications for the Showroom of Steam 2017. This will be juried  to ensure that we have a good selection of items — both for attendees and to ensure that vendors aren’t overly competing against each other with the same items.


Washington State UBI
Since this event takes place at a state facility, we need to be especially sure that all licenses and things are taken care of. Luckily, we have found that a free temporary business license may be obtained here, but we’d like to keep it on file.
City of Seattle Business License
City of Seattle License is required for this event as well. If you do not have a City of Seattle business License a temporary one may be purchased for $5.00 a day through Steamposium (that’s a special umbrella price because of the show), though you’re free to fill out that paperwork yourself (and pay a $45 fee instead). If you’re using your own, documentation of license will be required by 1 October 2017 or a forfeit of booth and all monies paid. No refund will be given.
Sales tax
Vendors are responsible for collection and payment of Washington State/City of Seattle retail taxes. The tax rate for Seattle and Washington State combined is 9.5%.


We have two booth types available:

10’x10′ standard booth
A standard booth. Ability to use standing fixtures, grid-wall, banner stands, etc.

You may share a Booth with a friend, but they’ll need their own pass and their own license.

Includes two 3-day passes – $400. (Saturday Night Event is included)

6′ table space
For small crafters, we will have a limited number of 6′ tables. These tables will have no backdrops / grid-wall, nor will they have access to clothing fixtures. Display height not to exceed 2.5 feet. Overstock may be kept under the table.

You may share a table with a friend, but they’ll need their own pass and their own license.

Includes one 3-day pass – $200.00 (Saturday Night Event is included)


  • Entrance pass(es)
  • Wi-Fi access
  • Tables / Chairs upon request.

Booth typepick one!
Your NameFirst+Last
Phone Number
Business Name
Web Addressor Etsy, Facebook, ect.
Mailing Address 1
Mailing Address 2
Zip Code
WA UBI NumberClick here to get a temporary event license
Brief description of your productsFor our jury purposes. We try to be fair, but having 40 vendors all selling hats isn't good for the attendees, or for the vendors.
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A write-up for marketing purposesThis is to help us help you. This is public-facing text that would go on out on our materials. Selected vendors will at least get a blurb on this site.
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Logo or other visual representationIf you have a logo, this would be a perfect place for it. This image will be used in materials to help promote you on the site or in other materials. We can accept any format, but high quality imagery (AI, EPS, PDF, PSD) is always best.
Logo Upload File
Product PhotosAdd some images that represent your product(s). The more the merrier. This select box will allow you to add multiple items.
Product Image File

Thank you for your Showroom of Steam submission.