Schedule 2017

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***Schedule change: The Nerf WARS is on Friday and Sunday(not Saturday) ***


Alchemy: In Today’s World

We have plastics, lumber and foam that’s readily accessible for costuming. However, in the esthetic of Steampunk, brass, copper and fine, polished wood is always the goal. The goal of this panel has always been to help teach people about what materials are out there, and how best to use them to get the desired result. Turning plastic into copper, turning lead into gold!


Curvy in Steampunk

An entire panel on curvy women in steampunk. How to look and feel your best not only in your steampunk get-up, but in everyday life.
I talk about everything from cloths, corsets, body type, shoes, pantyhose, underwear and most importantly, tips and tricks! Everyone in the audience contributes to this panel.


“Ghost Hunters of a Gilded Age”

Forget television “reality” programs – these are the real ghost busters!  From William James to Harry Houdini, meet the true pioneers of paranormal investigation, examine their methods, motives, and evidence, and learn how their paranormal pastime became the modern science of parapsychology.


How to Write Time Travel Fiction

The name of the panel is “How to Write Time Travel Fiction.” Having done this panel before, the creative description I’ve supplied for schedules is:
“Ever wanted to write a time travel story but you were stuck in an infinite loop of procrastination and inspiration? Join time travel authors who can talk about the challenges, the rewards, the theories, and that frustrating moment when you curse your future self because they didn’t use their time machine to go back in time and just give you a completed novel.”


“It Was a Dark & Stormy Night”

Everyone loves a good ghost story, and some of the best came from the Victorian masters of the macabre.  Come uncover the origins of the ghost story, separate paranormal facts from paranormal fiction, and learn why sex was so important to the paranormal literature of Victoria’s England!


Misconceptions of Steampunk

Many people attracted to Steampunk base their thoughts of the genre on only a few elements but there is more, or possibly less, to it that you may assume.


Steampunk 101

What is Steampunk? Where did it come from? Why is it called steampunk?
In this panel, we’ll talk about the literary and aesthetic roots of steampunk, talk a little about the early works in the genre, a bit about history in general, and the differences between classic steampunk works and the modern explosion in popularity. Bring your questions.




19th Century Fencing Weapons and Techniques

Salle Saint-George would like to present a 1 hour demonstration and lecture on the art & science of defense, focusing specifically on 19th Century fencing weapons and techniques. We will demonstrate and discuss similarities along with differences between national systems such as French, Italian and Spanish. We will also cover details of the specific fencing weapons used during that time.


Authors of Steampunk

All Authors


Costumer Electronics 101: Lights

Want to add lights to your costume or gadget?  Want to get fancy about how and when they light-up?  This class will be a quick, hands-on intro to using micro-controllers (TeensyUSB / Arduino) to add lighting effects to your project.  We will work with basic LED’s and the Neo-Pixel programmable LED’s (for some really cool effects!)  Consider attending ‘Costumer Electronics 101 – the Brain’ if you would like to learn more about how the micro-controllers work and what else they can do.


Costumer Electronics 101: The Brain

Want to add bells, whistles and flashing lights to your costume or gadget?  Not sure how all that stuff works?  The world of micro-controllers can seem scary and arcane, but in fact it can be quite easy to add programmable features to your project.  In 50 minutes, we can’t teach you everything you need to know, but we can give you some hands-on experience and show you how to get started and where to look for help. We will be using the Arduino platform, with TeensyUSB micro-controllers: The size of a postage stamp, and enough power to handle all the lights and sounds in the price range of $10-$20 for most costumes.


Dawn of Steam books

A reading hosted by Jeffrey Cook


Defensive Use of the Cane and Walking Stick

The Salle Saint-George would like to present a 1 hour hands on workshop covering the defensive use of the cane and walking stick. The workshop will look at the basic posture, movements and modes of attack along with defense. As time permits, the workshop will cover specific techniques advocated by 19th Century fencing masters when a gentle person was compelled to defend themselves from ruffians on the street.


How to Survive in a Hoop Skirt

Come join Lady Towers as she explains the delicate art form that is the hoop skirt! Learn how to walk, sit, stand, dance, and maneuver in this unique Victorian fashion!


Interview with Erica Mulley/Unwoman

Hosted by Kevin S.


Kinetic Steampunk!

An introduction to how to integrate moving elements into your steampunk creations.  Discussion of types of mechanical motion, designing parts, and tips for fabricating.  Whether it’s for cosplay, art display or even home decor, learn the basics of gears, pulleys, motors and actuators in order to turn your creations from static into dynamic!


Making Large Props on a Budget

Do you have a MASSIVE idea and don’t know where to start? Learn tips and tricks on how to realize your dreams to scale without breaking the bank!


Meet the Makers

All makers invited to chat about Creations


Mining Public Domain for Fun and Profit.

When Walt Disney decided to make his first movie, he went to the public domain to find a story he wouldn’t have to buy the rights for—Snow White. Next came Cinderella and even now that Disney has grown into a massive empire, they’re still doing it. What do you think they payed Hans Christian Anderson for the rights to Frozen or The Little Mermaid? The lesson for breaking in to the industry is this: you can make your name and your first big publishing score by re-imagining a character or story that is already loved by thousands. We’ll discuss the benefits and the risks, the pitfalls and the first steps for re-crafting stories so old and beloved that they already belong to all of us.


Paranormal Promenade of Puget Sound

From abandoned cemeteries to opulent mansions, take a tragical history tour of some of the Northwest’s most famous (and infamous) haunted hot-spots from the Age of Victoria, and learn why Puget Sound’s past is alive and well – even when it’s dead!



Salvage: For me, the ‘Essence of Steampunk’ relies heavily in crafting with found and scavenged objects. The goal has always been to help people in expanding their minds and imagination to alternate uses of common items by showing examples and open discussion.


Self-Publishing 101

Is self-publishing right for you? How do you do it? What do you need to know?
Self-publishing has gotten far easier in modern times, but there’s still plenty of questions. Self-published authors will talk about their work, their experiences, and what to know — and what to avoid.


So You Want to Change History?

An informative discussion on writing alternate history story. The tips, tricks, and what to avoid to keep it alternate history.


Steampunk Crossover

How to make your favorite character Steampunk


Tap Dancing Bird Marionettes

3 hours; $25 in supplies (please pay the Panelist before panel begins)

Create a tap dancing bird marionette of your very own using a vintage pattern. Decorate your bird and create a unique character that will bring a lot of attention as you walk around with it. Learn how to make your gentleman or lady bird walk, bow, dance, and even take their hats off.


The Big O: Objective-Based Narrative

So you’ve got your cool hero, your awesome world and your unique what-if scenario. What are you missing? You’ll be needing a plot, pal, and here’s how to get one: objective-based narrative. We’ll be covering the simple steps of determining what your characters want and making sure their every line and every action is a pursuit of that desire. Plots get easy. Villains get well-rounded. Trust me, this little secret can open your writing right up


The Girl and the Clockwork Conspiracy, The Girl and the Clockwork Cat, The Girl and the Clockwork Crossfire

Reading hosted by Nikki McCormack


The Extraordinary Weapons of the Victorian & Steampunk Eras

Hosted by Matthew Loftus


The Late Great Steamposium Tea Duel

Tea dueling is the art of gracefully dunking a tea biscuit into a “Cup of Brown Joy”, soaking it for five seconds, and then lifting it and cleanly “nomming” on it- all without dripping tea, losing biscuit fragments into the tea or on the table, and doing so after your fellow duelist.


Victorian Flower Language

A Rose is a rose…unless it’s a message. In the Victorian flower language, flowers all have their own meaning, if you know them you can create stunningly fragrant love letters… or the most beautiful revenge note. We will be going over classic flowers and their meanings so you are equipped to make the most of each petal.


Vintage Jewelry

A interactive panel/workshop on vintage jewelry the materials the styles and the colors popular during the times of her Majesty with the opportunity to create a special vintage piece of your own





“Anatomy of a Seance”

The word “seance” conjures up images of darkened rooms, crystal balls, and ectoplasm.  But is there more to it than that?  Learn how the medium salons of the 1800’s took the world by storm, how science separated the fakes from the fakirs, and how the seance tradition lives on today.


Basic Leather Workshop

Tandy leather would like to offer the possibilities of providing “workshops” on fabricating, tooling, design and construction using different leathers. We are open to suggestions from the event as to what would be most apropos for us to offer.


Costumer Electronics 101: Beep, Buzz and ‘Boo!’

Want to add sound-effects to your costume or gadget?  This class will be a quick, hands-on intro to using micro-controllers (TeensyUSB / Arduino) to add sound effects to your project.  We will work with basic buzzers, small speakers, and a micro digital audio player (mp3.)  Consider attending the ‘Costumer Electronics 101 – the Brain’ if you would like to learn more about how the micro-controllers work and what else they can do.


Engaging the “Alt” of Alternate History

An interactive panel discussion for those with that “what if?” scenario in their minds itching to be put into a story. This panel explores the fun, the pitfalls, the dos and the don’ts, and the implications. Also, looking at the alt history already done such as the Guns of the South and the Man in the High Castle.


From Maker to Purveyor

Taking your talents to the next level. Panel Discussion and Q&A Session about being an event vendor.
Panel will consist of Myself, Annie Kretchman, and other Steampunk maker/vendors.


How to Steampunk on the Cheap

How to Steampunk on the cheap (and smart). Advice from thrifty cosplayers on the best types of thrift store clothing to incorporate into your outfits, different recyclables one can make into accessories, and the best local stores to hit up when looking for Steam cosplay.


I Can’t Believe It’s Not Metal (or Leather)

A informative panel on unusual materials such as foam that with the right treatment can look like metal or leather for your awesome steampunk outfit. This panel will discuss the tips, techniques, pros, cons and precaution


Murder Mystory

Three-day Game comes to an end


Penny Farthing Demo

Come and learn some of the history of the Penny farthing while watching a fun and exciting demonstration!


Ribbon Work 101

$20 materials

Ribbon flowers and Cockades are delightful additions to any outfit, be you a society lady or an Airship captain looking to spruce up their uniform. This workshop walks you through ribbon selection, brief history, and construction of three different flowers and one basic cockade. We will discuss the use of modern materials as well as sources for working in vintage. Samples of differences will be available.  All materials included in fee.


Shocking Mad Science

Can you be a true mad-scientist without a few knife-switches, a Jacobs ladder and a Tesla coil sitting in your lab?  Would you like to see the real things?  How about learn how they work?  These are the really cool and a little dangerous toys you don’t get at the school science fair… We’re going to pack as many sparks and zaps as we can into this little demo class – and you should learn a thing or two you didn’t already know.  – Bring a friend so you can share this shocking experience.



Q/A for The Steam Girls


SteamPunk’d TV Show

Hosted by SteamPunk’d Peeps: Tobias, Charels, James, Thomas


Steampunk Is Not ALL Gears and Levers

Not all Steampunk is gears and levers. Steampunk is so fluid that the description of steampunk fiction sometimes evades authors, readers and writers, but the wonderful thing about Steampunk is its diversity! From Lemony Snicket to Frankenstein to Girl Genius to the Night Circus, Steampunk reveals itself as a feeling, not a hard definition. Panelists discuss the lighter versions Steampunk can take and why they think Steampunk is so fluid.


Steampunk Literature Today!

This is not going to be “steampunk 101/history of steampunk”. This is more like, what authors should I read next? What are some sub-genres of steampunk? For example, airship pirates, western steampunk (as in the American west), steampunk with zombies, vampires and other dangerous creatures, alternative history (thinking specifically of Cherie Priest’s Boneshaker where the Civil War lasts 20 years or Everfair by Nisi Shawl), and multicultural, non-Eurocentric steampunk.


Stop Motion for Beginners

2 hours; no cost

Create your own steampunk stories using stop motion animation. Bring a tablet or smart phone and be prepared to download a free app or two. By the end of the class you will be ready to make many more stop motion adventures on your own. All other equipment is provided.


The late great Steamposium Tea Duel

Tea dueling is the art of gracefully dunking a tea biscuit into a “Cup of Brown Joy”, soaking it for five seconds, and then lifting it and cleanly “nomming” on it- all without dripping tea, losing biscuit fragments into the tea or on the table, and doing so after your fellow duelist.


Tribal Fusion Belly Dance Class

This Tribal Fusion belly dance class is designed for the beginning belly dancer or anyone looking to revisit and practice some basic belly dance essentials. We will start by breaking down belly dance posture. Then we’ll work with some basic footwork and traveling hip locks, upper body isolations, and snake arms. There will be a short yoga and pilates conditioning sequence.


Questions for the Staff

Q/A for the Main Staff of Steamposium