Workshop: The Bracer

Presented by Bruce Mitchell, Stan Winston School of Character Design

This will be a wrist-worn leather bracer featuring a top of the hand cap. We will then use “Bits and Parts”* to augment it into a “tech-based” device. The bulk of the augmentation will be decorative. However, if the builder wants to add to it after the lesson it will serve as a functional foundation.

This will be a basic leather craft exercise. But the functionality and decor of the piece will increase not only the look of the basic craft but enhance the builder's craftsmanship with just a few tips and pointers.

Will this be something to just wear and look good or will the builder take it to a functional level. Whichever you chose a solid foundation will be a great start.

This workshop carries an extra cost of $149 to the Stan Winston School and for materials, available as an add-on for new tickets or as an upgrade for existing badged guests.

* “Bits and Parts”

These are nothing any creative crafting hoarder will not have. Small cool parts that they just could not throw away. I will provide pictures of my own for reference.

About the presenter

Bruce Mitchell, special FX wizard from the Stan Winston School of Character Arts, has worked on numerous hollywood blockbusters. More Info