Workshop: The Eye Patch

Presented by Bruce Mitchell, Stan Winston School of Character Design

This will be a Mixed Media Build. This is a lesson that will be designed to create an eye patch unique to the builder. We will be using Worbla and Propoxy for the foundation. The details will be made out of “Bits and Parts*. In doing the cording, we will explore more decorative options. We will be going for a 3 point connection rather than the usual 2 point band. We will also be creating a more inventive banding vs. just an elastic strap. It will be out of elastic cording yet augmented for a visual appeal.

Steampunk is such a functionality decorative world why would we settle for the simple. Our band, as well as the patch, should suggest a technological enhancement rather than a socket cap where a working eye once was.

This workshop carries an extra cost of $149 to the Stan Winston School and for materials, available as an add-on for new tickets or as an upgrade for existing badged guests.

* “Bits and Parts”

These are nothing any creative crafting hoarder will not have. Small cool parts that they just could not throw away. I will provide pictures of my own for reference.

About the presenter

Bruce Mitchell, special FX wizard from the Stan Winston School of Character Arts, has worked on numerous hollywood blockbusters. More Info