Doc Phineas

From the Wild West days of his youth in Oklahoma through today, Doc Phineas immersed himself in the world of art, entertainment and education learning various kinds of dance like tap, singing, violin and so much more. This wonderous 64 years of life includes having traveled to 92 countries (e.g. India), been in 15 Hollywood motion pictures (e.g. Batman Forever), worked on 18 original theatrical pieces (e.g. Magik Reality), wrote 5 books (e.g. Bliss Now), made 3 musical CDs, home set designer (e.g. Barbara Streisand), modeling (e.g. I. Magnin & CO., GQ) and 45 years of educating young people. In various art forms, he played characters that are like Steampunk and old characters in a Western city; the piano player in a bar, the shop keeper in a western town.

He moved to Las Vegas to help his great friend, Tony Curtis, working in production many years ago. After getting his Ph.D. from London University, Shefferton College in 2000, the gentleman scholar continued teaching in the Vegas area. He noticed at UNLV the transformation of some students in Victorian and other Steampunk attire during his tenure. Seeing such love for this, Docstepped up as the sole faculty member in sponsoring the Steampunk Group at UNLV. Heresurrected Dr. Phineas, a character he once played, wearing the Steampunk garb every day that draws in his students in learning history and geography. Today, he is a member of the Single Action Shooting Society continuing to work on Old Time movies at places like Bonnie Springs Ranch and is the President of the Steampunk Guild.

For Doc Phineas, it is a delight and a passion to teach, entertain at conventions, appear on talk shows and create the Steampunk Imaginarium. To be there as an adult for young people in this wonderful expression of their creativity and cosplay that means so much to them is dear to his heart.