Vendor Application

We are now accepting applications for the Showroom of Steam 2018. This will be juried to ensure that we have a good selection of items -- both for attendees and to ensure that vendors aren't overly competing against each other with the same items.


Washington State UBI

Since this event takes place at a state facility, we need to be especially sure that all licenses and things are taken care of. If you're already licensed in the state of Washington, great -- we'll need your Uniform Business Identifier (UBI) for our records. If not, we have found that a free temporary business license may be obtained here.

City of Seattle Business License

If you do not have a City of Seattle business License, a temporary one may be purchased for $5.00 a day through Steamposium, a special umbrella price. This saves you the cost of $45 in filling out the paperwork yourself. If you're using your own documentation of license, it will be required by 1 October 2018 or a forfeit of booth and all monies paid. No refunds will be given.

Sales tax

Vendors are responsible for collection and payment of Washington State/City of Seattle retail taxes. The tax rate for Seattle and Washington State combined is 10.1%.


We have two booth types available:

10'x10' standard booth

A standard booth. Ability to use standing fixtures, grid-wall, banner stands, etc.

You may share a Booth with a friend, but they'll need their own pass and their own license.

Includes two 3-day passes - $400. (Saturday Night Event is included)

6' table space

For small crafters, we will have a limited number of 6' tables. These tables will have no backdrops / grid-wall, nor will they have access to clothing fixtures. Display height not to exceed 2.5 feet. Overstock may be kept under the table.

You may share a table with a friend, but they'll need their own pass and their own license.

Includes one 3-day pass - $200.00 (Saturday Night Event is included)

The Form

Booth Type
Product Photos


Entrance pass(es)
Wi-Fi access
Tables / Chairs upon request.