Panels & Workshops

Victorian Flower Language

Whisper De Corvo

A Rose s a rose...unless its a message. In the Victorian flower language f,lowers all have their own meaning , if you know them you can create stunningly fragrant love letters..or the most beautiful revenge note. We will be going over classic flowers and their meanings so you are equipped to make the most of each petal.

Ribbon Work 101

Whisper De Corvo

Ribbon flowers and Cockades are delightful additions to any outfit, be you a society lady or an Airship captain looking to spruce up their uniform.This workshop walks you through ribbon selection, brief history, and construction of three different flowers and one basic cockade. We will discuss the use of modern materials as well as sources for working in vintage. Samples of differences will be available. All materials included in fee.

$20 / For Materials

Paper Flowers

Whisper De Corvo

Create a small bouquet using book pages, old maps, etc, for a special one of a kind decoration. We'll discuss paper treatments and have templates on hand!

Defensive Use of the Cane and Walking Stick

Cecil Longino / Salle Saint-Georges

The Salle Saint-Georges would like to present a 1 hour hands on workshop covering the defensive use of the cane and walking stick. The workshop will look at the basic posture, movements and modes of attack along with defense. As time permits, the workshop will cover specific techniques advocated by 19th Century fencing masters when a gentle person was compelled to defend themselves from ruffians on the street.

Salles Saint-Georges

Hat Making

Talitha Roshau

Two hour make and take class learning to convert foam into metal and leather. I have created a design of a small hat using both techniques. ( 2 hours )

$25 / Everything needed to complete one hat. It will contain: pre-cut pieces of the foam, appropriate glue (2 different types), all paints need, brushes, and access to additional equipment needed to create this hat.

Tribal Fusion Belly Dancing Class

Lacey Lonning

This Tribal Fusion belly dance class is designed for the beginning belly dancer or anyone looking to revisit and practice some basic belly dance essentials. We will start by breaking down belly dance posture. Then we’ll work with some basic footwork and traveling hip locks, upper body isolations, and snake arms. There will be a short yoga and pilates conditioning sequence.

Stan Winston School Of Character Arts

Bruce Mitchell / Stan Winston School Of Character Arts

The Stan Winston School is the world's premiere online destination for learning the art & technology of character creation from Award-winning industry professionals. Creating compelling characters requires a vast range of skills and techniques, from big budget cinematic approaches to DIY methods you can use in your garage or home workshop. This workshop will take you hands-on with professional techniques.

Stan Winston School of Character Arts
Bruce Mitchell's IMDB Page